Leave your PC and take your smartphone


You have all heard of poker and you know that you can play poker online. There are many online sites for poker and they are offering all sorts of variants of poker and not just poker but all the gambling games online. You should pick your own game and start playing because it is fun. If you are playing on your PC then you are limited. This means that you can play only on your PC at home. Sometimes it is required to play from some place distant and you can’t bring your PC with you. It’s impractical. In those cases you should play online games from your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you have iPhone or Android. The games are very easy to download and it lasts for few seconds. You will be requiredto download one for your phone because not all smartphonessupport flash player so keep that in mind.

                jolly-roger-iphonePCs are great but it is much more interesting playing on the phone. The screen is small and everything is looking so miniaturized and nice. You can play against any player in the world and you can use any app that you wish. It is possible to play the poker for real money and the best thing about it is that smartphones have very quick and reliable response when it comes to transactions. This is mostly part of sites policy but I have a feeling that everything is done quicker and faster on smartphones.

               The main problems of this are the battery of smartphone. It isn’t as great as it should be and it drains very quickly and you should pay attention to it. In order to play it for a larger period, you should keep it plugged in and then is a big problem of the overheating battery.

            Audio and graphic effects are much more interesting when playing on your smartphone and it doesn’t necessarily have to be poker in order to see that. You can play slots or roulette and you will find out that these things are really interesting and great. It is somehow more interesting to press everything with your fingers and other important things.

        slide-2There aren’t many players in the world who are playing poker professionally from their smartphones. I don’t know why that is like that. Pro league is mostly played on live tournaments and championships. You need much time of playing if you are beginner to get far as that. You should start competing on tournaments where you are playing for fake money. You won’t get anything in particular but you will have experience.


Anyway all the gambling games which are playable on the smartphones are great and excellent and they are looking awesome. So leave your PC and convert your gaming to a much more compatible smaller screen in order to get the best performance in the world. Enjoy in your games and do not forget to have fun. Get some of those offered bonuses and make some money this way.

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