5 Most Incredible Android Pokies


If you are looking for some incredible pokies, here are but a few ideas. Not only that with these pokies you will be able to make some cash, but you will also have incredible fun! Make sure that you install these Android pokies and you will have a time of your life. These five pokies are incredibly fun and addictive, too!

Anyhow, here’s the list:

Mythic Maiden

As the Halloween approaches, we are looking for pokies which are in this Halloween mood. If you are eager to find some relics here than in the attic, make sure and that you install Mythic Maiden on your Android device. Not only that this game is a rather spooky, but it is also very fun and amusing. It will allow you to find all sorts of relics, such as: spell book, primate skull, creepy treasure chests, and other. This five-reel, 30-payline video slot is one amazing pokie machine, and you will absolutely love playing it!

This one is just one of many australian android online pokies available to play and with so many more to choose from you will never get bored playing pokies on your android device.



This amazing 5-reel and 10-payline slot will definitely blow your mind! At the same time you will be able to win from both left to right and your right to left. Also, you will have the pleasure of seeing gems and jewels smashing and crashing across your screen, to your utter surprise and amazement. Not only that this game will allow you to make some substantial winnings, but you will also be very much drawn to this amazing pokie which you can play anytime, anywhere on your Android device.


If you love fireworks, you will definitely enjoy this amazing pokie! Not only that this pokie is free but it has some on the most amazing explosions you will definitely adore. The 5-reel and 10-payline pokie will get you some winnings fairly easily and it will thrill you with its colors, splashing across the screen! Make sure that you install this incredible pokie on your Android app as soon as possible. You will definitely not to regret it!



Have you been looking for a traditional pokie, look no longer, since Slotomania is here! This incredible game which is the product of Free Games Lab is completely free and completely addictive. The symbols and items may be traditional-looking but they have had a makeover which makes them absolutely thrilling to play. The 5-reel 14-payline pokie will also allow you some free spins and will double and multiply your winnings.


Tomb Raider

This amazing 5-reel 15-payline pokie will definitely blow you away. If you are a Tomb Raider fan you will be absolutely thrilled with it, especially since the symbols include Lara in various positions! The symbols also include the customary Ten, Queen, Jack, King and Ace, but most of all you will love the fact that Tomb Raider is a wild symbol. Enjoy playing this amazing pokie!

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Online poker playing

There are many ways to play poker online these days. You can play it from your PC laptop or tablet and even your smartphone. There are much software today which is based on poker chances and probabilities and they can improve your game greatly. A few years ago you could play poker only in casinos and bars, in some smoky rooms. Today you can play it online and you can be treated like real gentlemen. I want to say that you can really enjoy today’s poker online.


                There are many variants of poker and one of them is definitely Texas Holdem poker, the famous one. You can play it on almost any page online. This poker is played with two cards in your hands and five on the table. There are many players around the world and they all are playing this variant. You can of course connect with them and play against them or with them, whatever you want. There are all sorts of poker tournaments where you can achieve something. You can get a lot of money, amount of money which means that you are well suited for your entire life.  Only thing which is needed is to register to the online gambling site and you should start playing immediately.


                When it comes to choosing this site, try to look for more rated sites and sites with better grades. This means that more players are playing there and this means that quality of the game itself is great. There are some very good online gambling pages where everything is great but games are really stupid. Graphics are bad, Audio is wrong and overall effect is terrible. You should watch out of those sites.

                You should know that better the site is the more professional players are there and that makes the game harder. Gambling is sometimes luck and sometimes experience and these guys have lots of experience. They do not play on luck and they bluff very efficiently so pay attention to them a little bit. There is a great difference when you are watching an amateur player at the table and professional players. If you want a little trick to make a difference among the players then search those with more patience but also big passion and you will find experienced players. Beginners are agreed very easily and they are as someone would say “on fire”. These guys are really great prey for you and you should play with them in order to get some money.

                These are some great things when it comes to online poker so try to follow these few rules and make your limits in playing. Play for only few hours a day and put the sum of money which you have already assigned that you will hypothetically lose. You can lose it or you can turn it into an even bigger pile of cash but this rule will keep your money safe from losing it all. Enjoy in poker and try to be good.

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Gabling online – why gambling is good and why not?

There are really excellent games online and you should really check them all. The best games are slots, poker, blackjack etc.

mobile_device_image3_1357333157334_1You should play it in order to get some fast money because there are some certain principles which will get you fast money. You will have fun definitely in that way. You can play all sorts of slots online and you could try to win that game but you should be certain that you would lose. Slots are one of the oldest modern gambling machines and it isn’t made to give people money. Its primary function is to take other people’s money. The rules are simple but on the other hand you should think twice before you play slots.

                One of the best games which you can find online is black jack. You can play blackjack for real money and you can win. In reality blackjack is about the number 21 and about proximity.  You should try to learn its principles and you will see that winning blackjack is not impossible thing. People are losing their money on blackjack because they do not want to stick to someone’s principles and they want to play their own game. This is called gambling and sometimes you will win and sometimes will not, although for losing you have much more bigger chances. If you choose to adapt some tactics then maybe you will log out from the page with actual money left on it. You should remember that luck sometimes plays here a very important role.


                The other famous game that should be played and shouldn’t be played is definitely poker. Poker is a great card game and it has been played for ages. You should try improving your skills and tactics online and then go up and up to the tournaments. There are all sorts of tournaments and they are really great. Here you can get some points and advance further. Advantages of poker are some. First it is very important that you are not playing against the house thus your chances of winning are better. Disadvantage of online poker is that you can’t see the real face of your opponent and this means that you cannot predict his next move. You can only expect him to make mistake is by stalling. Stall and you will definitely make your opponent angry and angry opponents tend to make big mistakes.


                There are all sorts of things that I should mention. The online gambling is great for those sites because they are cheap. It is much cheaper to run online casino rather than real casino. In real casino you have to pay the workers and pray the God that they won’t steal anything from you. If you own online casino, then you shouldn’t worry. Nobody can steal anything from you there.

                No matter if you are a player or owner, online casino games are great and online gaming is every good thing. Trying to make money this way is sometimes good and sometimes not.

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Leave your PC and take your smartphone


You have all heard of poker and you know that you can play poker online. There are many online sites for poker and they are offering all sorts of variants of poker and not just poker but all the gambling games online. You should pick your own game and start playing because it is fun. If you are playing on your PC then you are limited. This means that you can play only on your PC at home. Sometimes it is required to play from some place distant and you can’t bring your PC with you. It’s impractical. In those cases you should play online games from your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you have iPhone or Android. The games are very easy to download and it lasts for few seconds. You will be requiredto download one for your phone because not all smartphonessupport flash player so keep that in mind.

                jolly-roger-iphonePCs are great but it is much more interesting playing on the phone. The screen is small and everything is looking so miniaturized and nice. You can play against any player in the world and you can use any app that you wish. It is possible to play the poker for real money and the best thing about it is that smartphones have very quick and reliable response when it comes to transactions. This is mostly part of sites policy but I have a feeling that everything is done quicker and faster on smartphones.

               The main problems of this are the battery of smartphone. It isn’t as great as it should be and it drains very quickly and you should pay attention to it. In order to play it for a larger period, you should keep it plugged in and then is a big problem of the overheating battery.

            Audio and graphic effects are much more interesting when playing on your smartphone and it doesn’t necessarily have to be poker in order to see that. You can play slots or roulette and you will find out that these things are really interesting and great. It is somehow more interesting to press everything with your fingers and other important things.

        slide-2There aren’t many players in the world who are playing poker professionally from their smartphones. I don’t know why that is like that. Pro league is mostly played on live tournaments and championships. You need much time of playing if you are beginner to get far as that. You should start competing on tournaments where you are playing for fake money. You won’t get anything in particular but you will have experience.


Anyway all the gambling games which are playable on the smartphones are great and excellent and they are looking awesome. So leave your PC and convert your gaming to a much more compatible smaller screen in order to get the best performance in the world. Enjoy in your games and do not forget to have fun. Get some of those offered bonuses and make some money this way.

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Android and iPhone poker

bg_roulette_imgYou can play online poker on your smartphones. Can you believe it? Technology advanced to that level and it can minimize the poker to that level of playing on such a small device. The biggest problem of this online poker is that you cannot play it directly from your browser and this means that you need to download an application in order to play it. This is required both for Androids and iPhone pokies. This is boring thing but at least downloading lasts few seconds.

                Online-Slot-machines-for-Real-Money300X396You can play all the sorts of poker, from Zynga Texas Holdem up to the Full Tilt poker. You can play for real money or for fun. Playing for real money can get you some money but it can bring you a real devastation. You can lose a lot so try to get some skill before you enter this money making world. In order to win, someone has to lose so try not to be to that guy with the losers cap. You can arrange it by using all sorts of strategies and technics in order to make your opponent angry and mad. Then you should start raising your bids in order to make him doing stupid things and when he does, just take the money and leave. There are all sorts of pro players here so pay some attention and watch yourself out.

                Poker apps is taking much of the phones energy so it is a little bugger. You will literally play the poker plugged in and your battery will die from overheating. There is no way to stop this except to play as less as you can. You can win money all the time but it can make you some problems.


                Of course, playing the poker on your phone brings you lots of benefits. First you can lie down in your bed and enjoy in the game. Try to improve your skills directly from your favourite chair or bed. You can get yourself a beer and bring some joy to your life. The other thing is that for smartphone players bonuses are bigger sometimes. This means that you should play only from you smartphone. Online gambling sites tend to give some of their own money to new players in order to attract more and more players to their gambling site. This is completely normal thing so try to see which site is offering better bonus to new arrivals.

                Last but not least – if your phone is good then your graphics and audio effects will be great and this means even better performance of your playing. If you feel better that means that you will be playing much better so sit back in your chair, get your phone, download the app and start playing. There is a great chance to multiply your bonuses. If you lose your bonuses you will need to deposit some money to your account. Have some limits in that because you don’t want to lose too much. Enjoy in your poker and make some good money.

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Online gambling

Online gambling

There are many games on online gambling sites. They are very popular. The most popular game that you can play online is probably slots. You can play slots on every gambling site. It is extremely funny. Slots are the simplest game ever and it can be played with ease. You can choose what sort of slots you will play. Online slots are much better than real slots because they won’t break and you are playing it alone at your home. There are many apps for slots and you can play it on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or smartphone. For smartphone you need to download a certain app and then you can simply start playing. You should enjoy it because it’s very interesting and fun.

If you want to play online poker, then you should know that there are many online gambling sites where you can play poker. You can play the famous Texas hold’em poker with two cards in the hand and five on the table or you are more for vintage variants like that one which is played with five cards in hand. You can play poker against the computer and against other players. You can play only for fun or you can turn more serious and become pro. Everything is an option when you are considering poker. One of the most important things in poker is tournaments. You can get all sorts of prizes in tournaments and eventually you can go live and become famous. Think about this great game, practice it a little bit online or somewhere else and try to get yourself some money.


There are also all sorts of other games which you can find on these sites. Roulette is one of the most playable. Roulette is real gentlemen’s game and it exists for over two hundred years. Roulette is extremely funny game and it has been always interesting to watch that wheel spinning. There are few already developed systems on how to win this game and make a loser out of house.

You can play roulette online at only certain online sites. Some sites are offering virtual roulette, where you can literally see your chips and placing them on table and it looks like you are there.

The next excellent game which you can play online is blackjack. This game is all about the 21 number and the problem is to get it. You should know that on this game house wins the most but also lose money very often. This is very simple game and it can be played very easily. You should try to play it if you are over 21. Check it! It is great game.

These are some of the games which you can play online on online gambling sites. You can play against the house or other players, for real money or not, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you are having fun and of course from time to time to earn some money.

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